Re: Storage box for the Mach2 mount

Harley Davidson

M Hambrick

WOW, you did a spectacular job on that! I did not put my CW's in a case but I will be now. THANKS for the pictures and materials required!

Like you I setup and take down after each observing session.


On 11/29/2020 9:44 PM, M Hambrick wrote:
Here is what I put together for my counterweights using the short Ridgid toolboxes originally suggested by Tony (a.k.a. Harley Davidson). I need two cases to hold the counterweights for my 1100 Mount; one holds two 18 pound counterweights with room for a third. The other holds the counterweight shaft, an 18 pound counterweight, and a 10 pound counterweight. The foam in the lids is 2-inch thick. There are two layers of foam in the main part of the case. The base layer is 1-inch thick. On top of that is a 2-inch thick layer with the cutouts for the counterweights and shaft..

Both cases are heavy. I set up and take down my mount every time. I have found that if I use proper lifting techniques I can carry all of the counterweights to the mount in one trip. Carrying them piecemeal (one in each hand) requires three trips, so these cases are big timesavers when I am setting up.

The foam is closed cell high density (1.7 lb) foam. I think the grey foam is actually denser, so if you can get that it is better.

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