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Dale Ghent

I've always thought that the CP4/5's ethernet/wifi connectivity would be a prime candidate for running a multicast DNS (mDNS) and DNS-SD (DNS-base service discovery) service, as that would greatly simplify these kinds of initial setup and subsequent use steps and would obviate the need for the IP finding app. If directed to connect to the CP4/5 over the network, APPC or the ASCOM driver would "ping" the network for a mDNS name that is unique to the CP4/5 and then use the reported IP address. The user would never have to see an IP, let alone look for one. I seem to recall that the embedded OS+software framework the CP4 uses has the ability to set this up, but I might be conflating that with something else.


On Nov 30, 2020, at 12:14, Ray Gralak <> wrote:

I see that you got it working, but for the benefit of others that might have the same problem:

Connecting directly to a device with an Ethernet cable usually requires that
you set up your laptop to use APIPA (Automatic Private IP addressing
No, I have not seen that referenced anywhere. How do I do that?
It depends on whether your computer/laptop sees a DHCP server or not (e.g., a home WiFi router).

If the computer sees a DHCP server, and the computer is set up to use DHCP, the LAN port may get set to a subnet different than 169.254.x.x, so you probably won't be able to detect the CP4.

Some choices:

1. You can either turn off the WiFi router and reboot your computer. This should allow the LAN port to default to APIPA addressing. If it doesn't, you can change the settings manually.

2. You can manually change the computer LAN Port's TCP/IP V4 settings to use IP subnet, with subnet mask (or Subnet Prefix Length = 16).

Remember to save and restore your settings afterward!

3. If you have a DHCP server, instead of connecting your computer directly to the CP4, you could connect it to your LAN via Ethernet cable. Note that WiFi won't work by default as it will not have been configured yet.

After connecting the Ethernet cable, power cycling the CP4 should allow it to acquire an IP address on your LAN via DHCP.

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Hello Ray,

No, I have not seen that referenced anywhere. How do I do that?


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