Re: Mach2GTO 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

I am using the Eagle pier, very happy with it.   I use an 8" extension as well.      I have numerous scopes I use with it, the heaviest being either a TEC140 or Edge 11" scope, not sure which is heavier.   I suspect the Edge.    I originally purchased an Avalon T-Pod, but found that a normal tripod with fixed leg spread doesn't allow the same kind of dynamics and stability that the Eagle provides.    The Eagle, with its adjustable leg spread, allows for a pier-like functionality when used with an extension or not.   I use a maximum spread before leveling and an 8" extension to keep height.   I find it very stable no matter the scope size I've used.   I've also done a dual setup with TEC140 plus Stowaway, and it balances nicely and very stable.     What I found with the T-Pod, with its fixed leg spread, is that with an extension to get good clearance I had to shorten the legs else the tripod was far too high for me.   When the legs are shorter, the footprint is proportionally smaller and less stable.    To get the stability on a fixed leg spread tripod I had to extend the legs to the level where it isn't practical to use an extension (I'm tall but  not that tall).   I could not find a level that I was happy at with the T-POD.   Now I use the TPOD with a 6" discmount for visual.    For A-P, you can't beat the Eagle.    The other thing I found much easier with the Eagle is leveling.    By loosening one leg at a time and pushing against that side of the pier, I could easily provide fine adjustment to the level and the single knob tightens easily and solidly.    

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