Re: APPM Models

Dale Ghent

On Nov 28, 2020, at 20:30, KHursh via <> wrote:

Thanks Marcelo,

I had the API key from years ago, but I set it wrong in APCC. I had to choose ASCOM.OCH.ObservingConditions as the driver so I could select my PowerBox for temp and humidity, but use OpenWeather for the Pressure. OpenWeather had bad data for the temperature. It is about 14C here. OWM said it was 26!! Now it is all set! Teamwork!
For what it's worth, Evan@Pegasus just announced a more comprehensive sensor that plugs into the existing PowerBox ecosystem:

Available Q1/2021. Pretty much everything you need for local info.

I upgrade to APPC Pro this week and ran my first model tonight using OCH+OWM for air pressure and temperature and humidity from my UPBv2. It went swimmingly. I had an old license for TSX so I installed it to get APPM access to a plate solver. After some problems with ActiveX errors being burped up by APPM when trying to solve an image taken through my ASCOM-connected QHY600, it turned out I needed to run TSX as admin first so that its AcitveX components could get registered, then APPM was able to talk to it. I expected it to just use TXS's API server but I guess that isn't the case here.


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