Re: APPM Models

Marcelo Figueroa

Even though I have the Pegasus Powerbox Advance, I haven't installed it yet (waiting for the appropriate cables to arrive) so the details are missing, but look at the image 1 of the link, the pressure is selected in the Obeserving Condition HUB Configuration. Also note that it may take several hours for your OpenWeatherMap account to be activated.
At the moment this is what I do:
To get all the data via OpenWeatherMap (no device required, but internet connection):
1) In APCC Settings > Environmental Settings
2) Source > ASCOMObservingConditions
3) Select Driver > OpenWeatherMap.ObservingConditions
4) Properties :
- API Key: Enter the API Key number that was sent to you

5) Select Site: Enter your city name and select it from the list (be sure to select the correct city)
- Ok

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