Re: APPM Models


Thanks for the response Ray!

I am using a fairly well sorted and tied down set-up. I have a 120 mm refractor, so no mirror issues as of now. As for the rest of the randomness, who knows. I am not looking for unguided imaging, I just want REALLY good guiding. The Mach2 and my little 30 point model already improved my guiding to around .6 arc-sec rms. This is higher than many people get on lesser mounts, but a vast improvement to what I was getting. I have pretty bad seeing up here in Northern California.

I don't want to fall into sycophancy, but I really am impressed by APCC/APPM, Ray. It is a large part of why I went with the Mach2 over the 1100GTO. The encoders plus APCC pro were the final decision point for me. Nice work!


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