Re: 130 EDF Starfire Field Flatteners


Some clarification is in order:

67PF56, this is the part number for the original field flattener for the 130 f6 StarFire EDFS. This is the one that we are considering making optics for.  The design has been updated and we will probably assign a new part #, especially since this on will be to  confusing because it is too close to ……


67PF562, this is the field flattener that we offer for the 130 f6.3 StarFire GT.  This field flattener uses the same optics as 13035FF, but the housing was made for the 2.7” focuser. These are in stock.


13035FF, this is the field flattener for the 130GTX or any 130 GT that was upgraded to the 3.5” focuser. It has the same optics as 67PF562. These are in stock.


I hope this helps.


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Are you talking about the 67PF562 Field Flattener?

I have a Starfire 130mm f/6 Starfire EDF APO.  I believe the 67PF562 is the flattener for this scope and have been looking to purchase one for a while.

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