Re: 130 EDF Starfire Field Flatteners

Mike Dodd

On 11/27/2020 1:14 PM, Roland Christen via wrote:
Most likely our standard GT/GTX flatteners will work on TMB scopes.
However, these flatteners require the Feathertouch 3.5" focuser with our
AP dovetail adapter. It might be difficult to cobble together a suitable
adapter for your scope.
Thanks, Roland. I have a Feather Touch 3545 focuser, which I believe is 3.5". On the camera end of it is what my documents say is a "Starlight Instruments AP End Cap" that accepts an AP A1008 2" threaded extension tube.

I didn't find a dovetail adapter on the AP website that looks like it threads onto an FT 3.5" focuser. But if the adapter you're referring to does so, it sounds like I could use a GT/GTX flattener without much cobbling.

Can you give me the part number for the dovetail adapter? What size/type threads are on the camera side of the flattener?

Thanks again.

--- Mike

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