Re: 130 EDF Starfire Field Flatteners

Roland Christen

Most likely our standard GT/GTX flatteners will work on TMB scopes. However, these flatteners require the Feathertouch 3.5" focuser with our AP dovetail adapter. It might be difficult to cobble together a suitable adapter for your scope.

The EDF field flattener only fits the 2.7" focuser that came standard with the 130 F6 AP scopes.


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A question from a newbie on flatteners....

Will this flattener work on a TMB-130SS 130mm f/7 APO?

I have a Feather Touch focuser attached to the OTA with an AP #A1008
2.5" extension tube from the focuser to a Pyxis rotator.

Thanks for all information.

--- Mike

Roland Christen

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