Re: second attempt: meridian management with mach2

Andrea Lucchetti

in the AE tab, it seems you can also set AR & DEC limits: this tab in my understanding has the same functionalities of the "HOME/LIMIT" tab of non AE mounts.

In the help file: "the RA limits that you set here will override any custom meridian limit you may have set on the Meridian Tab. These limits are the preferred choice  for those using automation software...."

So my question was directed to understand better the connection between settings in AE tab and MERIDIAN tab, if they are the same and which is better.

Thank you for your help,

Il giorno mer 25 nov 2020 alle ore 02:32 Roland Christen via <> ha scritto:

what about AE tab?
What do you mean by AE tab? What is your question about AE?

AE refers to absolute Encoders. In the Mach2 the encoders are not available for you to turn on or off, and they have nothing to do with flipping the mount or reaching the meridian. The encoders are permanently on, cannot be turned off. They control the axis positions and tracking speed.


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thank you.
I think option 2 can work for me.
my final objective is to work with CCDAP , so after 45 min when a slew is commanded by CCDAP the mount will flip.

what about AE tab?
it seems like option 2 but you can set also the behaviour when the limit is reached, no?

thank you again,

Roland Christen

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