second attempt: meridian management with mach2

Andrea Lucchetti

I am trying one more time to stimulate a discussion on the topic.
My previous thread didn't get a single comment so I suspect the manual is not that clear: I though it was my fault but it seems that this is a topic at least not very interesting if not intimidating :-)

I will try to simplify things compared to my previous post:
I have a Mach2 and it is going to be used in the field, no fixed set up.

I'd like to know what is the simplest meridian management  set up to be used with APCC Pro and the Mach2.
I don't need any complex management, only things like:
-to allow for 45 min tracking in the west before meridian flip, about 45 min east tracking (less important) 
-prevent slewing near the meridian

After having read many, many times the manual, I am still confused 
I wonder if setting only the AE limits it is enough for me . in this case it would be nice to know how to set the "Meridian panel" in APCC:

I assume I don't need to set "meridian delay"
I assume I don't have to touch the "meridian tracking limits/hour angle panel"
I assume I don't need to flag "enable Meridian Tracking limits" in "Operation" panel, because in the help I read: "DO NOT use any other method for setting a meridian delay while you are using the meridian limits.  When properly configured, the APCC meridian tracking limit logic will maintain the correct meridian delay in the system."

Thank you very much in advance,

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