Re: Preventing tracking on power up?

Roland Christen

1) If you don't initialize, the mount won't start tracking.
 Initialize is done with either keypad, ASCOM driver or APCC. All of them can be set to "NOT initialize on startup".
2) If you do initialize and unpark the mount with any of these three applications, you can still prevent the mount from tracking by setting each one of them from Sidereal to STOP.


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-What would you like to stop from happening?

I want to power up my observatory. This means,
1. Power on for the computer, camera. Mount. CP4.
2. Leave the mount parked. I don't want it to automatically start tracking.

Up to now, Everytime I finish a session I park the mount, then unplug the CP4. That prevents it from starting tracking.
I think I have all the I go I need now to resolve this in this thread. I will try a little later tonight.

Roland Christen

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