Re: How to keep APCC Tracking OFF ?

Joe Zeglinski

Ray, sorry about my not being clear.
    What I meant to say is that after I managed to kill the tracking by rapidly going to the “Toggle Tracking” button,  it would eventually toggle itself back on, for some reason,   EVERY time I clicked the GOTO button, beside my saved AZ/ALT coordinates,  in the GoTo/ReCal  tab. That happened,  even while the mount was NOT tracking at the time.  I wasn’t aware that all  GOTO’s automatically re-activate tracking.
    That is not to say that I don’t appreciate such a shortcut. I almost never operate the mount in “non-astronomical mode”, so triggering tracking lest I should forget to activate it myself, is a nice thing. I will just have to remember your earlier posted instructions on disabling this feature, on those rare circumstances when I need the mount to act like a theodolite.
    In between my turning off the tracking,   I was using the MOVE SCOPE section’s direction keys  - rather than attaching my Hand Pad - to adjust my camera  pointing at my chosen “land target”. Then, when I wanted to move it back to its original target starting point AZ/ALT coordinates, the GOTO beside the AZ/ALT box, made the CP4 jump back into Sidereal tracking mode.
Trying to get the mount to stand still for that session, became a cat & mouse game between that GOTO and the TOGGLE TRACKING button.
Meanwhile ....
    Yes, I do need to update my APCC PRO software,  as well as the CP4 on my AP-1200.
I noticed  an APCC  box saying I needed to Update my “Firmware”. Thinking it wasn’t urgent,  I was putting that off a bit, until the new firmware and manual, which everybody had been talking about, had finally been officially released.
I wasn’t certain whether that major Firmware update was for everybody’s CP4 & CP5,  or was just meant for the CP5 and the Mach-2 mount.
I’ll get on that task this week.
Joe Z.

From: Ray Gralak
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2020 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] How to keep APCC Tracking OFF ?
Hi Joe,

>     similar to the (sometimes undesirable) automatic Tracking hassle on APCC start up,

APCC gives you full control of the tracking behavior on startup. I just posted three options to choose from.

> However, if I adjusted the target, and needed to go back to the saved RA/AZ coordinates,
> that GOTO button

If I understand what you are saying, then using any of the mount's move buttons will turn tracking on. That's because to stop a move command when you release a button, the mount must send a "Q" command, which enables tracking. That is the way the firmware works and is not something specific to APCC.

-Ray Gralak
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> Subject: [ap-gto] How to keep APCC Tracking OFF ?
> Hi,
>     similar to the (sometimes undesirable) automatic Tracking hassle on APCC start up, I dislike the fact that ANY
> GOTO command automatically turns Sidereal Tracking back on.
>     Recently, I was doing some camera check out, focussing on a distant condo construction crane.  Once, after
> clicking the TOGGLE Tracking button (off) I got the target in my scope sites, painstakingly using the direction slew
> buttons. However, if I adjusted the target, and needed to go back to the saved RA/AZ coordinates, that GOTO button
> in that tab, suddenly turned Sidereal Tracking back on. It was a constant battle to do a “saved” ALT/AZ  GOTO, and
> quickly toggle the Tracking, before the mount drifted away from my set target.
> Uncomplimentary words were said to APCC !!!
>     Am I missing something? Is there a setting to keep the tracking off? I tried to set the tracking to NONE, but the next
> GOTO still flipped it back on again.
> There are other times where I would like Tracking not to interfere – one time I was trying to construct an APCC
> Horizon Limits  plot. There may be other circumstances, where I want total manual control of the mount, via the APCC
> rather than a Hand Pad.
>     How do I kill all APCC Tracking, until I specifically re-enable that feature?
> Joe Z.

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