Re: Preventing tracking on power up?

Cheng-Yang Tan

Hi Tom,
  I just don't let APCC auto-connect until I'm ready:

Inline image

My mount (Mach1GTO or AP1100) doesn't start tracking until I connect. Is this what you want?


On Sunday, November 22, 2020, 04:56:28 PM CST, Ray Gralak <groups3@...> wrote:


One more thing, APCC will not change tracking status if the mount has been initialized previously (e.g. by the hand controller or a previous run of the driver or APCC had already initialized the mount).

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> Hi
> When I turn the power on, apcc is not started. I need to open it and then it automatically connects. Then tracking
> starts.
> I searched everywhere in apcc and could not find anything to stop this from happening. I may have missed it though. I
> will check the hand controller. I guess I don't really need it anymore.
> Snowing now, so the next opportunity I will check the hand controller.
> Thanks, Tom

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