APCC ERROR Messages screen position

Joe Zeglinski

    Is it possible to give us some control over the warning message’s  screen position?
    A few times, I would get a Limits Exceeded warning, and had no way to get back to the control Tab, to turn off its setting box. I wish I could drag the message aside, in order to be able to reach the line of tabs, but had to kill APCC, and restart in Park mode (in my case), just to change it before Unparking and again looping on the incessant warning pop ups. There may be other similar cases.
    It is fine that such urgent messages pop up in front of the control panel window to grab the user’s attention, but it would be better if they were allowed to be pushed aside to a more convenient screen position – especially if such warning, in the worst case,  was about an imminent pier collision !
Otherwise, please don’t place the warning over the row of option window keys.
Joe Z.

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