How to keep APCC Tracking OFF ?

Joe Zeglinski

    similar to the (sometimes undesirable) automatic Tracking hassle on APCC start up, I dislike the fact that ANY GOTO command automatically turns Sidereal Tracking back on.
    Recently, I was doing some camera check out, focussing on a distant condo construction crane.  Once, after clicking the TOGGLE Tracking button (off) I got the target in my scope sites, painstakingly using the direction slew buttons. However, if I adjusted the target, and needed to go back to the saved RA/AZ coordinates, that GOTO button in that tab, suddenly turned Sidereal Tracking back on. It was a constant battle to do a “saved” ALT/AZ  GOTO, and quickly toggle the Tracking, before the mount drifted away from my set target.
Uncomplimentary words were said to APCC !!!
    Am I missing something? Is there a setting to keep the tracking off? I tried to set the tracking to NONE, but the next GOTO still flipped it back on again.
There are other times where I would like Tracking not to interfere – one time I was trying to construct an APCC  Horizon Limits  plot. There may be other circumstances, where I want total manual control of the mount, via the APCC rather than a Hand Pad.
    How do I kill all APCC Tracking, until I specifically re-enable that feature?
Joe Z.

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