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Woody Schlom



I didn’t realize the keys were glow-in-the-dark.  Duh!  I keep mine in the case most of the time and didn’t realize the keys could/would glow if “charged.”


But I am familiar with charging similar glow-in-the-dark materials with a bright UV flashlight.  And I just recently got a super bright one from Fenix that’s white or UV.  It’s the same as their white/red one, but this one’s white/UV.  And since it’s so bright, it charges glow-in-the-dark materials quickly.


Thanks for the tip.


All that said however, I mostly use either SkySafari running on a phone or tablet, or my laptop running TheSkyX to control the mount.




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The AP hand controllers are a standard, custom programmable, industrial grade, tough, hand controller designed for controlling big industeial machinery. They have a special display that is good to -40F/C. Very nice! AP loads the controllers with their own custom keyboard membrane, firmware, red display lens and coiled cable and connector. I don't think AP has any control over the keypad back lighting intensity. I could be wrong. I use a HotechUSA astro-Aimer flashlight with UV LED's for recharging the glow of the keypad. Or I might use a Nebo Mycro HL20H red LED headlamp to help with seeing the buttons. If you end up using the keypad a lot, you will get used to the button locations quickly and not need any additional lighting.


If I am doing a lot of solar work, I take the red lens out of the AP display so it becomes easy to read in daylight.


-Christopher Erickson
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On Fri, Nov 20, 2020, 12:59 PM Terri Zittritsch <theresamarie11@...> wrote:

Hey Frank, I've called AP about this as I thought it was a defect as well (on a new keypad).   The response I received is that the keys are glow in the dark if they're charged a bit beforehand.    I haven't noticed this yet (glow in the dark) and am probably leaning towards having to memorize and/or just use my headlight.   It is a bit inconvenient and a bit of a design flaw.   I find that I really like to have a hand controller and not having one is really inconvenient.     Maybe a future upgradable design update will remedy this.


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