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Thanks!  When you say my database will be lost, do you mean my sites, locations, dates and times?  


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BTW, what are the symptoms of a dead hand paddle battery?
You will lose the database and your GoTos will be erratic.


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I do have to second about what Roland says about the basic accuracy of the 1200.  

I've a 1200 in a dome supporting an 8.75" F12 achromat with some nice Parallax rings.  When first installed, I did two daytime alignments with the sun.  I followed that up in the evening with a few SkyX/T-point models to get my polar alignment miss (very carefully the old fashioned way with a 20mm X hair eyepiece, 10 stars on each side).  After the third model, my altitude adjustment was called "excellent" and my azimuth adjustment "good enough".  But I'm a firm practitioner of going against the principle of "the bitter enemy of good is better" so I disconnected the SkyX and did a drift on a star low in the east.  After about 40 minutes, I had it down to where the star stayed put on the x-hairs at ~135X, for a good 10+ minutes (I slightly defocus the star).  

I then used the hand paddle to slew to and sync on a star close to the equator and meridian.  Now slews typically put the object within 3 or 4 arc minutes of center at the worst and typically nails the planets.  

That's pretty good in my book, especially with no model!

BTW, what are the symptoms of a dead hand paddle battery?


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> Thanks Dale I do mostly imaging and yes I will call AP and get a battery and probably do the chip as well.

Ah. Since you're imaging, you can use any number of software-assisted polar alignment methods, so the RAPAS isn't really a needed upgrade then.

Yeah I would just do the maintenance items and you'll pretty much have a caught-up mount that works quite well. You can then consider something like APCC Standard or Pro once you get a V2 chip into the CP3 (or, unless you have a CP2, you will need to get a CP4 or second-hand CP3 with V2 chip to use APCC).


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