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I use platesolving to get me where I need to be, and this has worked very well. But there are times when I need a better goto/slew position.
Since I acquired and installed APCC Pro, I created a 250 point model. I was amazed at the improvement in not just guiding but the initial gotos. It is rare now that I don't get within 10-30 arc sec of initial goto across the entire sky. 

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The mount is quite accurate in positional moves, but that doesn't mean that your scope is pointing where you think it should. The gearwheels themselves are accurate to a few arc seconds over the entire 360 degree rotation. What causes in-accuracy in pointing will be time errors, which affects the RA pointing, and Polar misalignment, which affects both RA and Dec pointing. Add to that the inevitable orthogonal misalignment of the telescope with respect to the mount, and you have a number of errors which accumulate. These errors affect both pointing and tracking.

So, to say the mount is inaccurate is misleading, rather it is the setup that is inaccurate. Some of these inaccuracies can be compensated with suitable software, such as APCC pro, which has sky modeling. Or you can circumvent some of these by using plate solve and doing guided imaging.


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Greetings group, been away from observing for quite sometime so basically starting over. As mentioned I have an early to mid 2000 1200 gto mount, my question is what is the best upgrades that I can do to bring the mount up to 2020? Right now the mount is not accurate in it's slewing even after syncing on a known star/planet. Obviously since this is completely original and the last time I used it which was probably at least 8 yrs ago something needs to be corrected or updated. I had used it quite accurately in the past so being it is a very capable mount for my needs I want to get it back so I can start observing again.
Thanks in advance

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