Re: AP1200GTO #Keypad

Dale Ghent

On Nov 20, 2020, at 11:48 AM, Richard Hennig <> wrote:

Dear John,

When the CR 1632 battery died in my hand controller, I simply got a replacement at the hardware store for about $5. It was easy to change. Also, reloading the database was straightforward but took about an hour or so. The instructions for updating the software and database on the hand controller on the AP website are very detailed and easy to follow.
This advice isn't universal since there are 2 generations of keypads. The older model keypad with less memory does indeed take an off-the-shelf CR1632. The newer-generation keypad with more memory requires a special battery that has a wiring harness attached to it... not something you'll find in CVS ;) If in doubt, call Astro-Physics.

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