Re: AP1200GTO #Keypad

Dale Ghent

On Nov 20, 2020, at 10:17 AM, wrote:

Greetings group, been away from observing for quite sometime so basically starting over. As mentioned I have an early to mid 2000 1200 gto mount, my question is what is the best upgrades that I can do to bring the mount up to 2020? Right now the mount is not accurate in it's slewing even after syncing on a known star/planet. Obviously since this is completely original and the last time I used it which was probably at least 8 yrs ago something needs to be corrected or updated. I had used it quite accurately in the past so being it is a very capable mount for my needs I want to get it back so I can start observing again.
First, some maintenance items:

* New keypad battery, $25 or so. Must order over the phone from Astro-Physics because which battery you need depends on your keypad serial number. The one in your keypad is probably dead.

* Consider regreasing. Should be no problem if you're mechanically-inclined and patient.Your mount likely has the factory grease in it still and after so much time it ought to be replaced, especially if the mount wasn't stored in a climate-controlled setting.

* After replacing the battery, update keypad firmware and restore keypad database. Instructions online.

* If you have a CP3 controller, consider the upgrading it to the V2 chip which is the last of the hardware-based upgrades for the CP3. New capabilities (park positions, probably other things) and bug fixes.

Other than that, there are some creature comforts such as the RAPAS polar alignment scope. Are you visual or an imager?


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