Help! My AP1100AE is lost

Rick Darden

Hello All,

I've had the AE's installed for 2 weeks now and last night the scope was not pointing at its target. It was off by approx 20 degrees in RA. I tried a plate solve and it failed. I assume I was too far away using the plate solve settings I had. So I did a Sync and that made the mount think it was in a crazy orientation with a negative Dec. I did not want to slew anywhere so I manually slewed back to its park position using the telescope controls in APCC and called it a night.

I never set a home position in the AE tab. If I did, I assume this would have fixed everything.

The scope it at a remote observatory and I can't make manual adjustments any time soon.

Is there a solution for me where that does not involve loosening the cutches and manually moving the scope? Can I delete the coordinates in the CP4 and input the coordinates of my park position? Is there another procedure?

I'm hesitant to start it up and initialize because I am not sure what direction it will move. I do have cams in the observatory and can monitor it and if it starts going in a dangerous direction, I can stop the slew. But right now, I do not want to touch it until I get some expert advise.

I'd appreciate any assist here. Thank you.

Rick Darden.

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