Re: SGP Pier flip failure (AP1100/APMM pro and SGP)

Luca Marinelli


I responded to your question on the SGP forum. In my opinion, you are trying to fix too many things in one go. Try to get the flips to work in the Western sky before you worry about pre-flipping in the Eastern sky. As I mentioned in the other forum, you may want to double check how you setup your Eastern and Western meridian limits. You mentioned that you mirrored both. If your Western limits are in the Eastern sky, SGP will not allow the mount to flip because it hasn't hit the meridian limit yet. I made a mistake some time ago when I programed the meridian limits and reversed my Eastern and Western meridian limits. In APCC pro while showing both Eastern and Western limits, everything looked great but nothing worked. I made sure that Eastern limits were in the Eastern sky and Western limits were in the Western sky and all is well. Finally, you did not mention which version of APCC you are running. Ray fixed a bug a couple of months ago that gave me problems with meridian flips a couple of months ago. Update to the latest version of APCC if you haven't yet. 

Good luck!


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