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Hi Ray,

that are good news,



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Am 12.11.2020 um 02:23 schrieb Ray Gralak <groups3@...>:

Hi Brian,

Wow! Thanks for posting this image and an example of the results you are getting. I think this is with the declination-arc tracking rate option in APCC, correct?

For anyone who might be interested, the declination-arc tracking method uses a different model than the standard hemisphere models that APCC Pro has been using. It has been in testing for almost a year and a half and will be available in the next major point release of APCC Pro.

-Ray Gralak
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Subject: [ap-gto] Results of our AP1600ae unguided imaging

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share our latest results from using the our AP1600 with absolute encoders, doing unguided with

This is from last night's run, we used 900second (15 minute) unguided exposures of NGC 1097 on CDK17, image
scale 0.63"

You can download the fits file here

(image was calibrated and background gradient lightly processed, but otherwise unchanged)

jpg is here:

(same processing as above)

Overall I'm pretty happy with these results. We were admonished to use guiding from the start, but we had faith in
the AP hardware and the APCC software.

We rely on APCC and the APPM model builder. The model was approximately 180 points on each side, limiting it
to 35 degrees altitude.

Ray has done some great software improvements based on our results over the past year. We are at a very
demanding focal length for unguided @ 2930mm. He has been very responsive and helpful, as have all AP staff
we have worked with, including Roland.

We still have work to do in other parts, and we would like our keeper rate to be higher, but progress, not
perfection right?



Brian Valente
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