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Roland Christen

12 volts will work if there is indeed 12 volts at the CP connection. If your power cord is long, it is quite possible that the voltage will drop below 11.5 volts at the CP terminals when the mount is slewing. For every amp that is drawn by the mount the voltage will drop between 1/2 to 1 volt in a 5 foot power cord. You may be losing more than 1 volt now that the weather is colder and the motors draw more current during a slew. Once the voltage at the CP drops below 11.5 volts, then there will be an undervoltage error.

In my observatory I use 13.8 to 16 volts in the cold weather. Check also the connector at your power supply. It may be marginal and can cause voltage loss also.


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no the LED is Red

By the way I’ve checked carefully the voltage levels and the ps that was sold to me by the distributor is in fact 48W (12v 3A) and reading the recommendations in AP documents they suggest using a 5A ps, so I’ve changed it for a 5A and the slew works now. i will test longer tomorrow. What I don’t understand is why this happen because I’ve been using the current ps for almost two years now and with much lower temperatures, the only thing I noticed is today the humidity level is very high and I don’t know if it can play a role …
Thanks for your help anyway

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