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Roland Christen

what do green and blue mean?
It means they are healthy.

If you want to see before and after, simply turn on your favorite guider program. Pick a star near the celestial equator and meridian. Start tracking but turn off all guiding pulses. Watch the RA and Dec axes. You will see the RA axis track steadily without any periodic error. Both RA and Dec will jump around a bit due to atmospheric seeing, and that is normal, and is not something an encoder can correct. Both axes will probably drift from their zero line, and again this is not something that the encoders can correct. That drifting will be almost 100% due to your polar alignment.

Once you do these tests, you could turn the encoders off and watch the RA for it's normal periodic error (Dec will have none, of course). Be sure to turn them back on after this run.

Now that you have satisfied your curiosity about the encoders actually doing something (elimination of PE in RA), then it's time to apply the models in APCC-APPM. This is where the real work of tracking occurs.


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On RA the LED is green, and on the DEC it is blue, so the fact they are not red is good, but what do green and blue mean?

I have the AE tab on APCC-pro and the encoders are enabled.  I would like to ascertain that the encoders are making the mount track better or was I seeing better tracking just because of the pointing model?  

Thanks for all the feedback.


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