Re: APPM Questions : APPM / GTO1100AE Blocking Issue

Roland Christen

What is your power supply?
What is your outside temperature?
You may have too low voltage from your supply, especially now that it is getting cold outside. For cold temperatures it is recommended to use 16 to 18 volts to run the mount.
You might get by with 12 volts if you turn the maximum slew speed to 600x.


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Hi Ray & George
Since a few days I have an blocking  issue wit my AP1100 AE : when I try to slew I get the error shown in the file attached below and the slew is not performed !!(its a pity because the sky is good)
I have checked and tested with another power supply same situation, I have installed all the last versions of APPM Pro and drivers, idem.
Please can you tell me wha to do or try ?
Thanks a lot

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Hi Tony,

Haven't you asked this question before?

BTW: a hint to anyone asking questions. In case a question has been asked previously, please try a web search using significant keywords in your search. For example, in this case, searching for "APPM Dome Sync" might locate some pages with useful information.

-Ray Gralak
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If a point fails during the mapping run - is there a way to redo it at that time or do you need to redo a complete
new run?

Also, sometimes it seems that the dome is still slewing when the camera starts to take an image - so how is that
overcome? Sucks to be taking a picture of the inside of the dome.

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