Re: 1100GTO upgraded with AE...

Bill Long

The color matters based on the sheets from Renishaw. The other point I mentioned, the AE tab in APCC Pro also matters since you won't see that if the personality isn't set correctly.

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I don't think the LEDs at the read heads are meaningful. It simply tells you the encoders are powered on but not necessarily enabled. You can power up the mount and the LEDs will still light up whether the encoders are enabled or not. That's at least what I remembered when I first installed AE in my A-P1100GTO mount. It was very easy to install.

I think it's best to use either ASCOM driver or APCC to tell you whether the encoders are enabled or not. Or while the mount is tracking, you can forcefully move either axes with your hands and if either axes fight back to move back to original position, then you know the encoders are working.


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