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Hi Khushrow

if endorse are on you will see it on the AE Tab like this:


to see if the model is active, click on pointing model and look on the options to make sure they are enabled


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Check the lights on the read heads should be blue or green. Check in APCC Pro on the AE tab. If you don't see the AE tab you need to contact AP.

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I have just upgraded my 1100GTO by adding the absolute encoders and last night I tested it out for the first time.  I ran a pointing model, a modest one to start, 33 points.  After this I had the tracking and pointing corrections on.  The tracking was decent but not what I expected.  My question is how do I tell that the encoders are working vs. the tracking improvement coming from the fact that I ran a model.  I would like to ascertain that the encoders are working and any thoughts on this would be helpful.


Brian Valente

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