Re: Manage Cables Which Plate to Use for Top Mount Hardware?

Terri Zittritsch

Hi Alex, I'll provide another thumbs up on the Polemaster.. it does fantastic polar alignment, and if you have a portable setup where you can mark where your tripod goes night after night (same position), your setup is a matter of a 5 minutes of so for polar align.  Mine is incredibly fast as my tripod stays leveled and I have very little adjustment to do.    I have not gone the modeling route yet, so still guide and have to deal with RA corrections, but DEC is very stable.    I put my eagle tripod legs on those 3 wheeled furniture dollies and roll it out and place it on marks I've painted in my drive.   At the end of the night all I do is lift one leg at a time onto the dollies and roll it back into the garage.   

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