Re: Manage Cables Which Plate to Use for Top Mount Hardware?

Peter Nagy

Personally, I am not fond of putting anything on the OTA. I think it's messier this way especially with a through-the-mount cabling mount. See pictures of my setup with TEC 160FL and A-P1100GTOAE mount at:

The only things I have on OTA is ADM 15" dovetail ( ) and a carrying handle ( ) to easily carry and mount the scope. I attach the following to CP4:

Optec Focus Boss II hub
Ethernet 5 port switch
Pegasuspowered USB hub

Notice my pictures do not yet show Pegasus powered USB hub. The devices are attached with pretty strong but easily removable adhesive tapes.

I route USB and power cables through the mount and it's a very nice clean setup. Having many things mounted on OTA almost defeats the purpose of having through the mount cabling. Also, having junk on OTA can upset the balance because they add weight.

Bottom line, A-P1100GTO mount made the cable management so much easier and cleaner that you don't need to put junk on OTA.


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