Re: guiding min/max question

Don Anderson

Hello Richar
I use the 50mm Borg and an SX LodestarX2. I image and guide with MaximDL 6.11 and use the default settings (Min .0 /Max 2.0 on X & Y, Aggressiveness 8 both axis).
Works flawlessly. I image from a large city with severe light pollution so do mostly narrow band. Seeing is poor most of the time. I get round but often bloated stars which I attribute to the poor seeing. 

Don Anderson

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, 08:21:14 a.m. MST, richard payne <rpayne85392@...> wrote:

Hi, I have a simple question, first I have a 11000 mount, guiding with a 50mm f5 Borg
and a Starlight Express Costar.  Using either the Sky X or Maxim   for camera control,
if anyone is using something close what are your min/ max settings and aggressive #'s?
I understand seeing affects everything just curious to what others are using.  I have tried
several different numbers .02/.2 min/ max to higher numbers. Thanks

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