Re: Manage Cables Which Plate to Use for Top Mount Hardware?

Terri Zittritsch

On Fri, Nov 6, 2020 at 04:49 PM, <alex@...> wrote:
Hi Terri,

Thanks for the info! I will also take a look at the printed stuff Dale pointed out.

To answer your question, yes, please enclose a pic if it is not too much trouble?

The pics from Dale and Bruce were very helpful.

Hi Axel, you should be able to see it here:

I've had the MDS dovetail on the top of all of my scopes for years, it's light and it allows me to add my larger guide scope, with MDS clamps, to any scope.   With the advent of smaller guidescopes and small pixel guide cameras, I use a small, focuser mounted,  60mm guidescope for many of the smaller scopes now, but still have a need for the larger guide scope, which keeps me from implementing a general solution of all top mounted accessories.  I really want '1' thing I can move from scope to scope.
This plate uses MDS clamps bolted to a piece of aluminum (1/8") which is overkill and adds about 15 ounces.    The bend in the plate is limited to my  largest diameter scope which is what it's on now, an 11" Edge.   On the plate are an 8 position powerpole strip, a focus boss ii (rugged but heavy), a reliable usb hub and a dew buster controller.     After reading Dale's post, I may take the plunge and give Pegasus a try.   Being an EE and 'tinkerer', it's kind of in my DNA.    The current setup is very reliable for me.. so reliability is important.    With the through mount cabling on the Mach2, the cables on the tele don't bother me so much.    This setup with the 11" is for planetary imaging and not deep sky imaging.. so nothing is really tied down very neatly right now and as long as it doesn't drag, i don't worry because I change scopes pretty often.


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