Re: Manage Cables Which Plate to Use for Top Mount Hardware?

Dale Ghent

I use a 14" Losmandy D plate on top of the rings, mounted inverted (keystone up), on top of my 130GTX. I did the same thing as you plan to - powerpole and USB hub, dew controller, a homemake temperhum-like device, and focuser controller mounted on that plate and everything wired to it, with only a single power and USB3 data cable coming off the scope and down through my mount (a Mach1GTO). I affixed those individual boxes to the D plate using 3M Dual-Lock that I trimmed to size for each component. I prefer Dual-Lock over Velcro because it's a tighter fit, doesn't collect garbage like the hook side of velcro does, and it's the same on both sides - you don't need to decide which side gets hook and which side gets loop.

This arrangement worked well, but I didn't particularly care for the mess and weight and cables between all those little boxes and wanted an even cleaner solution. So I got a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box v2 and collapsed all 5 of those boxes into a single box that's a quarter of the weight and far fewer cables. The USB3 data and 12V power go to it. It opened enough space on the top so that I could mount a 2nd OSC camera+lens for widefield shots of what the 130GTX is imaging.



After, with 2nd cam:

The UPBv2 handles the traffic from the QHY600M, QHY294C, and ASI290MM-Mini guide cam all running concurrently just fine.

If you don't need/want the weight of an aluminum plate on the top and just want a simple mounting surface for lightweight components, check out Joel's 3D printed stuff at


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I'm waiting to receive my 130GTX scope (Several weeks) and I currently own a 1100GTO mount. Once I receive my scope, my goal is to mount all of my hardware for connections on top of the OTA. Basically, run two wires (One power, one USB) up through the mount and then have all of my connections to cameras, focus controller, Kendrick dew heater, etc. managed through a powered USB hub and a RigRunner mounted on top of my OTA. My question to others who have setup their systems in such a fashion is; what plate did you use on top of your OTA to mount the hardware too? As a side note, I own a small Tormach CNC milling machine I can use to tap holes in the plate for mounting purposes. My thoughts were to use threaded connectors to attach the hardware to the plate if applicable?

Thanks in advance for your advice,

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