Re: How often do you need to polar align a permanent mount?

david w pearson

Not a clear cut answer to your question, as too many options that can be used to minimize polar alignment error affects.
I had a scope permanently mounted scope working at 1700mm with no encoders, but using PEC for 3 years and never had to realign after initially aligning to slightly less than 2 arc minutes
(Even had a small earthquake).
                  >Using PemPro or any other drift alignment process makes it fairly easy to achieve less than 2 arc-minutes.
But i could never do a 10 minute unguided exposure using Maxim DL, more like a max of 5 minutes.
I couldn't achieve 10min unguided until i did a pointing model with APCC.    And that doesn't last forever, meaning you have to periodically redo a model more than once a year.
i normally auto guide,  so I am not as sensitive to using an old pointing model, so that is the reason i don't update the pointing model very frequently.
I have had one of the authors of PHD say that they prefer that the polar alignment is offset by like 8 arc-minutes.   Because if makes it easier to measure and compensate for a DEC polar error.
Hope that helps

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