Re: Sky Safari - iphone - GTO

Donald Rudny

Hi Haydon,

I think Roland may have to chime in here.  You have a Mach 2 with AE’s.  I’m not sure if SkySafari needs to initiate in P4.  When I initialize my non AE 1100 with CP4, I use APCC.  Once the mount is initialized, I just connect to SkySafari and it knows where the scope is pointing.  Must be communication between the CP4 and SkySafari.  With AE’s, the mount always knows where it’s pointing, so I assume there is no initialization required, but not sure.  Not sure if anyone has used SkySafari with the Mach 2 yet.  I’m sure someone from AP can help out.


Don Rudny

On Nov 1, 2020, at 3:34 AM, Haydon Burns <hayburns@...> wrote:

Hi Don,

It is pointing toward the south horizon when I start in park position 4.  More information that may or may not be helpful.  Orientated from the control box, lets say facing polaris, when I press the "up button" on the right hand side of screen, it moves the DEC access to point the telescope toward the west, down button to the east.  When I press the button facing left on the left it tilts the scope toward the east, right button tilts scope toward the west.  

When doing so, it accurately shows where the telescope is aiming.  



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