Re: Sky Safari - iphone - GTO

Donald Rudny

When you first connect, is the SkySafari target icon on the southern horizon due south?  You are in the Northern hemisphere, correct?

Don Rudny

On Oct 31, 2020, at 4:55 PM, Haydon Burns <hayburns@...> wrote:

Thanks Don,

That is what I have entered and can control the mount.  It is the go to function I am having issues with.   In certain instances, no matter which target I select, the right ascension axis will turn clockwise until it hits the hard stop (I manually stop it prior to this occurring).  I’ve tried using the Align function once I’ve manually centered a target, but nothing I’ve come up with so far has resulted in a solution.  Cabling is RA to RA, DEC to DEC.  Time and location are set correctly as far as I can tell.


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