Re: How does one perform a factory reset of APCC.?

Roland Christen

That's what happens when you don't read the instructions that Marj and George slaved for so many hours to write Smile

You can set things up either super easy or super complex, depending on what you want to accomplish. Before adding complexity I would first set things up with just a planetarium program and use that to slew around the sky and get familiar with the way the mount points and tracks. Bring up the AP ASCOM Driver Setup as shown below and uncheck APCC Virtual Port. Then just bring up SkyX, and connect to the mount. The ASCOM window will come up and show tracking at sidereal, and you are good to go. Now simply click on an object, press Slew and the mount will go there. It's so easy, I can get a duck off the street to do it.

(In fact, you don't even have to first connect SkyX to the mount - if you simply click on an object and press Slew, SkyX will automatically connect itself to the mount via the ASCOM Driver, and then proceed to slew to the object)

Once you have mastered this very basic setup, you can go back into the ASCOM Driver setup, re-check the APCC Virtual Port and begin using APCC to do more complex control functions. BUT please read the instructions first!


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Subject: [ap-gto] How does one perform a factory reset of APCC.?

I received my new Mach2 GTO, and while exploring APCC I have somehow gotten my mount unable to slew to the East of the Meridian nor south of the Celestial Equator.

So much for imaging  Mars tonight.

Is there a full factory reset for APCC? on the GTO CP5 controller?

Any assistance will be appreciated.  


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