Re: Supporting a Mach2GTO #Mach2GTO

Robert Berta

It seems to me the first question asked should be....are you looking for a permanent setup or one that can be moved to different locations? Next....what telescope are you mounting on it? 
For a permanent setup just get a regular pier and pour a pad and bolt the pier to it. That would be the cheapest and strongest and most vibration resistant. If you have a friend who has a welder or you have your own you could build your own pier. i have my own welder so just got the steel tube and a couple of 12"x12" flat plates and welded them to the tube.. I used the AP flat plate adaptor which works with both my 900 and 1100 mounts. Before welding the plates to the tube, drill the holes and tap them for the flat plate adaptor and the holes in the lower plate to allow it to bolt to the concrete. If you have an existing concrete slab you can use a hammer drill to drill the hole in the concrete and than get expanding threaded inserts. If you don't have the hammer drill you can usually rent them from a store like Home Depot. 

Note that the reason I asked about the telescope type is because that will make a big difference as to the height of the mount i.e. 6" refractor vs.11" SCT.

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