Supporting a Mach2GTO #Mach2GTO


Hi all,

In what turns out to be a shock, I was told that I am receiving a Mach2 before the end of the year from a vendor. I am also on the list for an 1100GTO and expected to hear from AP about that mount sooner, but life is funny and I am getting an encoder mount soon! That being said, I now need to consider what to put it on to minimize torque during imaging. I want solid! I am semi-permanently mounted at the moment. I have a home-made 8" aluminum portable pier for my 900GTO at the moment. I also have an ioptron Tri-pier. Roland (Rolando, Uncle Rollo, or whichever alias he prefers), suggested that the Losmandy tripod is weak in torsion or torque. I would like to avoid this and think I may abandon the tri-pier as a result. 
Would an 8"x 42" aluminum pier (on steel legs) with threaded rod turn-buckles work? Does filling it with sand (or whatever) do it?
Would a pier (aluminum or steel) be better? 
I cannot do a concrete pier. I may be able to pour concrete and bolt a pier.
Any opinions welcome

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