Re: PHD2 Dec tracking goes runaway after Meridian Flip with Mach1

John Davis

Guys - I'm very confused...

I have a good friend who has been a LONG time Mach1 owner - is incredibly knowldgable on all things (has written his OWN imaging software equivalent to SGP or NINA) - and according to him:

"I've always had the 'Reverse Dec output after meridian flip' enabled.  I think that is all there is to it.  You need the mount to report the pier side properly so PHD2 will know it needs to reverse DEC.  I neer had a problem with the Mach1 doing this.  I did use the meridian delay feature you are talking about some as well. 
If you uncheck the reverse dec box it will certainly not work. "

His advice to me on MANY, MANY issues has NEVER been wrong, so I am really struggling with you all saying he is wrong...

Seems like this should be a clear un-ambiguous answer... I guess from you guy's perspective it is :-)

I will experiment the next time out - try that testing software.

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