Re: Mach2 model building and pointing with Sequence Generator Pro


Hi Steve,

I am using a similar workflow with the Mach2:

1) Power On, Start APCC, Start Sharpcap, Start SGP. Connect equipment (Sharpcap to the main camera, SGP without the camera)
2) Polar Align with Sharpcap, close Sharpcap, connect camera in SGP
3) Start PEMPro, connect to mount and to SGP. Slew to point in sky for azimuth measurement. Measure azimuth drift, correct and repeat. Slew to point in the sky for altitude measurement. Measure altitude, correct and repeat. Quit PEMPro.
4) Slew to traget in SGP. Platesolve (Pinpoint, licensed version).
5) Start APMM. APMM shows me where the telescope is pointing at so it is easy to set points along the path of my target moving West. I use a corridor of 3 points with the targets path more or less in the middle. APMM builds this model in approximately 10 minutes.
6) Enable the model, center target in SGP.
7) Adjust focus and start imaging.

Some comments:

Platesolving close to the pole is unreliable. Better move somewhere else first and then plate solve. Afterwards entering with SGP is dead on!
Since I switched to the Mach2 I don't guide anymore.
My polar alignment improves considerably when I run PEMPro after Sharpcap!
Building a model is surprisingly easy and fun.

I have had zero problems with the Mach2 using this workflow. 


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