Re: Mach2 model building and pointing with Sequence Generator Pro

Marcelo Figueroa

I also upgraded from a Mach1 to Mach2 and I also use SGP. This is what I do, it works perfectly:
1) Polar alignment
2) Launch APCC (make sure the location data is correct)
3) Connect Mount -> Initialize Mount
4) Connect Driver (make sure that the option use pc time is selected).
5) Launch SGP and connect all the equipment.
6) Slew the mount to a random point in the sky.
7) Solve & Sync.
And that's it. You can use the Frame & Mosaic Wizard option to direct the mount where you want, also you can connect and use your favorite planetary program to make tests (I use CdC).
Finally, for the modeling to work it is vital to have updated weather information. If you don't have a device that does, this option works fine (requires internet connection).

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