Re: PHD2 Dec tracking goes runaway after Meridian Flip with Mach1


Hi John

i think the explanation is covered in the PHD documentation, which i've pasted below

Your mount reports side-of-pier, so PHD knows to flip the calibration when you do a meridian flip.

you would only check that box if your mount did not report side of pier. so you should leave it unchecked

here's the relevant part of the PHD documentation. if you still aren't sure there's a link to a tool in the url below to test your mount:

'Reverse Dec output after meridian flip' -  tells PHD2 how to adjust the calibration data after a meridian flip.  Some newer mounts track their 'side of pier' state and automatically reverse the direction of the declination motor.  Older mounts do not do this.  In either case, PHD2 needs to know if the mount will automatically change its behavior based on side-of-pier.  You may have difficulty finding information about how your mount behaves in this respect, so PHD2 provides the Meridian flip calibration tool to determine the correct setting

On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 6:36 PM John Davis <johncdavis200@...> wrote:
Thanks Roland - I can see what is happening - just don't understand why, since I did have the check to switch the Dec calibration after meridian flip... I guess I just wanted to make sure that is what the Mach1 is built to do.  I saw some info in PHD that said some mounts handle the reversal themselves.. 
As I said - I've posted to the PHD2 discussion board and will see what they say.



Brian Valente

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