Mach2 model building and pointing with Sequence Generator Pro

Steve Armen

This is meant for Ray Gralak. With the new mach2 being controlled by SGP version and APCC/APPM latest version I have had two opportunities to test.

It may well be I am doing something incorrectly in the process. Let me preface this with my old mach1 could use SGP plate solve and sync, then pointing with coordinates with very accurate pointing results. I have carefully checked any parameters set for the OTA and camera. Since plate solves are passing, I'm assuming the required parameters are correct.

With the new mach2, here is the process I've been following:
1) Starting up, doing what I consider a good polar alignment with Sharpcap (3.2), then connecting with SGP.
2) Do a solve and sync with ASTAP (also tried platesolve2 with no difference in results) which is successful.
3) Try to slew to a target, e.g. Vega. The slew ends up with the target somewhere off in a corner or not even in the field of view (~32' x 22').
4) OK, not totally unusual so then use the "center target" which is plate solve based which always worked in the past. This moves the target somewhere ~ 10 arc min to the left of center and happily reports centering success. 

Let me further explain, I have attempted this two ways.
1) No APCC/APPM run, just the steps above.
2) Use the APCC/APPM flow as I read it, I did setup horizon limit before starting.
  a) power up, connect to APCC, park the mount at park 3, which always works!
  b) try the homing under the AE tab
  c) Run APPM to generate a sky model. So far have tried the small and medium models. All points plate solve successfully.

After the model run, I make sure both items below are selected:
Enable Pointing Correction
Enable Tracking Correction

When I try with either method 1 or 2 with or without model, the slow to object still has a large offset. 

One thing I am wondering is, how does the mount ever get synchronized to the sky? The plate solve and sync in SGP does not appear to be working. Does the model making process automatically sync the mount to the sky? 

Can you also let me know where are the APPC logs stored?


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