Re: PHD2 Dec tracking goes runaway after Meridian Flip with Mach1

John Davis

Roland - can you answer definitively:  does the "Reverse Dec output after meridian flip" need to be checked or not checked?

I ask that because over on the PHD2 board, I have a guy telling me " The ASCOM driver for A-P mounts knows the 'side of pier' for the mount; so there is no need to check the reverse Dec box n PHD2"

And I have Michael Fulbright - a good friend and long time Mach1 owner telling me "if you uncheck the reverse dec box it will certainly not work"... 

I'd put my money on Michael - but this is why I have come to the experts.

IF the box DOES need to be checked - are there any OTHER settings that I need in the AP ASCOM driver?


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