Need some assistance with an AE install on an AP1100

Rick Darden


The physical install went well as well as installing the CP4 patch.

But in APCC, in the AE tab, it says the encoders are disabled and in the setup tab it says the encoder current state is enabled.

It appears they are not active because my guiding seems to be the same as before the install.

One point. I use 2 separate stand alone computers on my rig. Once to control the main scope and another to control the piggyback system. I do this because I use SX cameras on both and I had driver errors trying to control both imaging cameras with one computer. I have APCC Pro set up exactly the same on both and it has worked well. When I installed the patch, I did it via the main scope computer and them went into the piggyback camera to make sure APCC and the V2 driver were connecting. Both computers show the same encoder in APCC as stated above.

I'm not sure if having APCC on 2 computers and just installing the patch through one computer is relevant here, but I want to mention it in case it is.

Thanks for any assistance.

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