Re: Crayford style focuser for Vario-Finder 10x60 ; 61x250 f/4.1

Mike Dodd

On 10/15/2020 7:07 PM, Woody Schlom wrote:
Once focused to your guide camera, that should be it. Lock down the
fine-focus with the retaining ring and call it done.
Lock it down is what I do. Some may smile at my method, but it works: <>

My 60mm f/5 guide scope no longer has a focuser mechanism, and the camera is bolted to a bracket on a dovetail plate. I loosen the bolt, and nudge the camera while my wife at the computer tells me if focus is better or worse.

It takes about five minutes. I tighten the bolt, and we're done for many months.

Clear skies.

--- Mike

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