Re: Unguided tracking with a 1200?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Peter,
    I’ve been regularly  doing 15 minute unguided photos with an RCOS-14.5 an my old AP-1200/CP4, and APCC PRO.
However, this was only after dedicating several hours over a few nights to running my PEMPRO for polar alignment, and PEC curve generation.
    I very strongly urge you to wisely invest in a copy of Ray Gralak’s  PEMPRO – it’s a no-brainer, even if you don’t have APCC, and no matter what other apps you use.
    You should  also have kept the APCC, just for ease of using the mount, and more importantly,  keeping an eye on the 3D view  of where it is actually pointed – to avoid unexpected collisions caused by some apps situations. I always keep a mouse button finger resting on the Emergency Stop button, whenever I slew the mount. After one crash, it is probably the best reason I bought APCC.
    Anyway, never go on long trip without checking the car, and likewise for Universal sky trips with the scope.
Joe Z.

From: Peter Bresler via
Sent: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 11:04 AM
Subject: [ap-gto] Unguided tracking with a 1200?
My first AP mount was a Mach1. I purchased APCC Pro with to use the pointing model. I was not successful in using that with my camera at the time and returned it, and also because SGP by itself met my need for accurate goto's with its auto centering. I am wondering now about unguided tracking with my Planewave 12.5 and AP1200? I now use only dedicated astro cameras, I still use SGP, which is the platesolve program for APPC Pro in any case. My need would be for 10 minute exposures, probably never more than 15 minutes. Should I try APPC Pro to try for unguided tracking with the 1200? I also have not yet purchased Pempro.

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