Re: Crayford style focuser for Vario-Finder 10x60 ; 61x250 f/4.1


Thank you, Rolando.

"Guiding Assistant" in PHD or PHD2?

I've reviewed most of what you've posted about guiding in this forum, going back two decades.  That's not to say that maybe I haven't missed something important.  In the past I ignored the Advanced Settings in MaxImDL  I never looked at them.  I got what I got.  Having studied your advice, I believe my results have noticeably improved on nights of good seeing.  It's the nights of bad seeing, like the last few nights, that still trouble me.  Fiddling with the Min Move and aggressiveness, I've been able to get good results (= approximately round stars) on NGC 7293, which -- even for me at 33.5 deg N -- is pretty far south.  But guiding on something straight overhead, like M33, has been less successful.  That's where I ordinarily expect the best results.  So I'm still trying to get things worked out on nights of bad seeing.  As we speak, I'm still using the QSI's OAG.  But I may go back to using the Baader Vario-Finder again.  There are always guide stars, and I don't have to recalibrate if I rotate the QSI from landscape to portrait orientation.  But I assume the Min Move has to be increased significantly.

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